Batman v. Superman?

Batman and Superman put down their fists and embrace for a kiss in the new Coheed and Cambria music video, directed by Workhouse’s Anderson Wright.

Ahead of the release of Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the music video for “Island” debuted today, and breathes life into a popular fan fiction theory in which the two superheros become romantically involved.

The video follows Batman, a member of the costumed characters clan that roams New York City’s Times Square, attempting to coax tourists into taking pictures with them for money. Nearby, Superman is offered $20 if he stages a fight with the knock-off Batman. The two throw fake punches and kicks, and even share an intimate hug while passerbys snap pics. The fight ends and Superman takes off, leaving Batman lonely for his costumed rival.

Batman continues to eat his microwave French fries and strike poses in Times Square while undergoing what seems to be an extensive existential crisis. As he sits, bathed in the artificial light of Times Square while the rain pours off his plastic mask, he notices a territorial dispute between two animal characters and Superman.

Batman swoops in and rescues his distressed superhero crush and the two embrace for a kiss, while onlookers record the moment that superhero fans around the world have waited for.

The video has already been picked up by Out, People, Instinct and NewNowNext.

Checkout the new video, here.