Workhouse Creative Honors Groundhog Day

February 2 is a Workhouse Creative paid holiday. Beyond it being an average Monday, February 2 has no special significance (unless we counter in the fact that a groundhog on the East Coast pops out of the ground and determines whether or not we’ll have to suffer through winter just a bit longer). In honor of this mysterious paid holiday, we quizzed the WHC team to see why they think Workhouse owner Keith Rivers granted them a three-day weekend.


ANSLEY: It’s Groundhog Day!

ELI: I think it’s something Keith likes to do?

CORBIN: Because if you get caught in a time loop you don’t want to spend Groundhog Day working.

RYAN: Well, because it’s my birthday.

LIZ: Groundhog Day.

RACHEL: Superbowl recovery day, right?

JACOB: Because Keith has a heightened sense of the presence of the Groundhog Overlords. He knows that it’s smart to take the day off unlike the rest of the human race.

SEAN: For Ryan’s birthday.


In actuality, Keith has a long-standing tradition with his dad on Groundhog Day, which he generously extends as a paid holiday to the WHC team.