Introducing Fernando Lazzari

Lazzari is a man of many talents. From design, to animation, to typography, to film, Lazzari has a gift for melding 3D graphics and typography with stunning live action landscapes to create not just a film, but a robust and mesmerizing experience for his audience. Workhouse is stoked to announce that Lazzari has joined our growing roster of gifted directors for commercial representation in the U.S.

Lazzari hails from Buenos Aires, where he studied graphic design and cultivated his motion graphics skills before moving to Miami to shoot live action spots for MTV. He then moved to London to study film and work independently on motion design and music videos. Now a seasoned veteran with more than 10 years of directing experience, Lazzari has established himself by creating work ranging from logo animations and idents to longer, experimental videos in which he seamlessly integrates his technical skills with his knack for creative shooting. “I love seeing the different elements, live-action shots, CGI and sound, come together as a unit,” said Lazzari. Lazzari has produced work for clients such as Discovery, FOX and National Geographic. “For me, the biggest reward is watching the final spot after having it just in your head for a long time.”

While Lazzari is based out of London, he is excited to “do new things in the U.S. together with the great guys at Workhouse.” Well, we couldn’t be happier to have him. Some of his favorite pieces include: “The Slow Knife,” a music video for Reid Willis that is a perfect example of his unmatched ability to combine design work with live action shooting; “Discovery Street Magic,” which is a mesmerizing and incredibly intricate 3D logo animation for The Discovery Channel; and “Montserrat,” a tribute piece to both a typeface and the Montserrat neighborhood in Buenos Aires, which blurs the lines between natural and artificial. Check them out, here.