Roads to Zambia: Keith Rivers’ Short Doc

Here at Workhouse Creative we strive to produce amazing content, but that process is made all the sweeter when given the chance to produce work with a great cause behind it.

Last year, our Principle Director Keith Rivers traveled to Zambia on behalf of World Vision International, a humanitarian aid, development and advocacy organization that works to sponsor children in developing nations.

In order to raise awareness of these children’s stories, Keith worked with the Seattle based Bob Rivers Radio Show and brought these stories to air during 94.5 KATS’s annual radio marathon.

While in Zambia, Keith lived amongst villagers in rural areas outside of Lusaka and Livingston. He spent his time speaking with villagers about the cleanliness of their water and the health of their children, breaking bread and connecting as people.

“I realized we all have so much in common, despite the drastic differences in our cultures and circumstances. We all value our families and share so many commonalities as people.”

Keith had an incredible experience traveling and we’re happy to share the story he found.