On Family

The final short film in our series on love, friendship, and family is by our Vancouver-based directing duo Salazar. In “Family,” Jeff and Nathan explore this essential part of life through a genuine and honest lens. We’re really excited to share this piece, which is now a Vimeo Staff Pick. Watch and read about the first two pieces here: “Tangents” by Matty Brown and “The Quiet Man” by Keith Rivers.



Editor – What is your definition of family?

Salazar – Family is a fluid concept, and is defined by each person’s own experience. They are relationships in your life that in challenging times, instead of falling apart, deepen, gain strength and momentum.

E – How does your piece evoke your definition of family?

S – With this piece we really wanted to look at the different ways people come to define family for themselves and the events in their lives that brought them together. How they transcended the more challenging times of their lives and how these times have deepened their commitment to each other.

E – Can you elaborate on your directing style and how it shaped this piece?

S – We really love finding amazing stories and have developed whole processes around ways to find them. Our approach to interviewing our subjects is very conversational and natural. We stay away from structured call and response (Q&A) type of interviews and try to just connect with people and see what comes out of it. Instead of insisting they give us a certain answer to fulfill our script expectations they usually take us to a place of authenticity thats even better than what we had hoped for.

E – Will you share some thoughts on how family is present during the holiday season?

S – Our thoughts on the holidays? No comment 😉 (don’t let your crazy uncle’s conservative politics get you down, haha).

Written and Directed by SALAZAR
Production Company – Workhouse Creative
Cinematographer – Liam Mitchell
Editor – Jason C. Myers
Casting – Kris Woznesensky & Kara Eide Casting
Original Score – Edo Van Breemen
1st AC – Mikael Bidard
Production Sound, Mix, and Design – Eugenio Battaglia