On Friendship

Second in our new series of short films about love, friendship and family is a piece from our very own Keith Rivers. Next week we’ll release the last film in this special collection. Watch and read about the first film, Matty Brown’s take on love “Tangents,” here.



Editor – What is your definition of friendship?

Keith Rivers – Friendship is a mutual connection that unknowingly reaps happiness. Don, Nancy, and Vicki’s friendship healed the grieving loss of a loved one, brought back wonderful memories, and gave them a new-found purpose to laugh.

E – How does your piece evoke your definition of friendship, and can you elaborate on your directing style and how it informed telling this story?

KR – To be honest, I don’t believe I forced any deliberate vision into this piece until I reached the edit room. I like to approach a shoot very curious and uninhibited, keep things very relaxed, conversations agreeable, and bring in a sense of comfort and openness to the interview.

During movie night, I unintentionally found a parallelism that would mend these three friends together in an honest light. When I witnessed them watching a scene from The Quiet Man, starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, she kisses him and then closes the door, which felt like a last goodbye. Watching Don out of the corner of my eye, he seemed to resemble John Wayne, heroic yet human, and vulnerable. I think Don wants to mirror John Wayne’s courage against Maureen O’Hara who metaphorically represents Nancy, a whimsical soul that will eventually leave him. This scene communicated the grief and abandonment he feels, which I think is a beautiful and bittersweet part of life.

E – Will you share some thoughts on how friendship is present during the holiday season?

KR – The holidays are full of joy, love, family, and friendship, and because of that, it can feel very lonely if you’ve lost what you know is true. Friendship comes in the most unforeseen ways, from people you’d never think would make an impact in your life. For Don, 231Vicki sparked an unexpected friendship that he used to cope.

Director: Keith Rivers
Production Company: Workhouse Creative, Inc.
Producer: Lindsay Martin
Editor: Sean Kusanagi
Cinematographer: Antonio Cisneros
Composer: Reid Willis