P.S. Hoffman

Following Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death in February, thousands of fans, critics and filmmakers were quick to celebrate the life of an amazing talent. Our own Caleb Slain paid tribute by compiling a touching supercut of Hoffman’s greatest moments on film. The video spans Hoffman’s 47 film career including his Academy Award winning performance in Capote as well as his lesser known roles. Caleb spent nearly 200 hours combing through Hoffman’s enormous body of work, an experience he says was “indescribably rewarding”.

“…a beautiful reminder of the sheer enormity of Hoffman’s work, his range and his talent.”


The video has been featured by Vimeo as a staff pick and highlighted by several news outlets including TIME, USA TODAY, INDIEWIRE and Entertainment Weekly. Critics are quick to notice Caleb’s impeccable sense of pacing and subtlety as he paints a full portrait of Hoffman’s career.

“…Slain put in over 200 hours of work and the result speaks for itself. ”

Thanks for taking the time to make it, Caleb.”

“…the latest honoring of the late actor is perhaps the most telling of Hoffman’s impact on the world.”

Thank you Caleb for helping us celebrate the amazing contributions Hoffman has made to the film lexicon and remembering a man who’s time came far too soon.