Director Profile: Renato Marques

Renato Marques is an incredibly talented director, motion designer and visual effects artist who hails from Viseu, Portugal. Known for a clean and sophisticated aesthetic, his work is visually poetic, fresh, gritty and full of texture. Renato’s impressive and stunning art-driven approach brings a unique edge to the Workhouse Creative team.

Renato approaches directing by applying design to film. He borrows from the design workflow and applies its elements to each of his projects. His passion for art-driven aesthetic doesn’t come from just anywhere: Renato aspired to be a painter before pursuing a career as a designer and cites the Bauhaus movement as one of his biggest inspirations. It always made sense to him that things should have a defined purpose and that their shapes should be a result of that defined purpose. He believes that this principle can be applied in designing an object or creating a film.That motto, to me,” Renato explains, “is the platform that allows not only the production to be objective, but also the creative to be concise.”

Although Renato initially sticks to a predefined workflow, he values making space to explore new techniques. This method allows him to discover fresh aesthetics and expand how he thinks about a project. “I find it helpful to put oneself into uncomfortable situations and let the instinct kick in,” he says. “It prevents me from repeating workflows, and therefore results.”

Beyond his experience with art-driven aesthetic, Renato’s talent in visual effects has significantly shaped his approach to directing. “It has been incredibly helpful to have worked as a motion designer and VFX artist,” says Renato. “It’s helped to sharpen the visualization of projects.”

As a VFX artist, he understood that directors normally had a clear view of the end piece and that it was up to him to help create their vision. His technical skills and understanding of how essential it is to have a clear idea have translated well to his roll as a director because he is able to articulate an incredibly clear vision no matter what he creates. His VFX background also heavily informs his style and continuously challenges him to identify a less common aesthetic in each piece he creates.

Renato’s favorite part of working on a piece is developing the style frames. “It’s when I relax from all the research and enjoy myself in creating something I love,” he explains. “I’m a sucker for finding the best way to light a scene and make it just right.”

At Workhouse we are continuously impressed with the work that Renato produces. His 2014 wrap-up video is a peak into the amazing work that he spearheads and brings to fruition. Like his work, Renato is a forward-thinking director: “The next project is always my favorite one,” he proclaims. “I feel that every project is special, but you’re just as good as your latest work.”




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