Salt & Pepper

When Workhouse’s own Keith Rivers came across a craigslist ad declaring the sale of over 2,000 pairs of salt and pepper shakers at a family garage sale, he became very intrigued. After a little investigation, he discovered that the collection was the result of a generations long family tradition of collecting the shakers during family vacations. After a few interviews, the Ruth family provided Keith with troves of old 16mm home videos and slowly the concept for Salt & Pepper was born.

The short doc seamlessly integrates the Ruth’s home movies with intimate family interviews. The result is a genuine exploration into the years of memories that led to the assembly of this impressive collection. Keith wanted to thank the Ruth family for the opportunity to tell their story, and their willingness to open up to himself and his crew. The Ruth’s authenticity certainly lent to the charm of the piece and undoubtedly led to the doc’s recognition as a Staff Pick on Vimeo.