The World is Ready

Windows 8


Keith Rivers & Caleb Slain

Director of Photography

Chayse Irvin & Chad Terpstra


Nick Pezzillo

The Windows team took a risk by traveling the Workhouse crew to Paris, India, China, Japan, and New York to document the launch of Windows 8 around the world. This was an eye-opening global phenomenon where we saw 3,500 developers creating apps in 24 hours and setting world records in India, creative artists in Paris using Windows 8 in eclectic ways, the massive retail environments in Japan, a keynote in China held by Windows 8's president, and strongly finishing in New York where a miniature 9ftx150ft model of Manhattan maze was created to explore the world of Windows 8 and display the finished film in Times Square. The film production from development to post production was completed in an astounding and impossible one-month timeline.